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Testimonials // Feedback from clients




"To anybody who is on the fence about booking a consultation with Maggie at Rainbird Health and Beauty, I would absolutely encourage you to stop hesitating and book now. Maggie is kind, friendly, and endlessly professional, with so much incredible institutional knowledge, and a determination and willingness to help.

If you're someone who is tired of talking to Doctors who don't listen to you, and who will only look at one symptom in a vacuum, then an appointment with Maggie is a GREAT idea.

She takes a full and comprehensive audit of your health and all of your bodily systems to get a holistic picture of how your body is operating and how all of your different symptoms are fitting with one another. She also really listens to what you have to say, and doesn't disregard information, or hurry you along.

I approached Maggie after some really disappointing conversations with my Doctor, and left feeling like I had actually been heard, and listened to for the first time in years. She created a personalised wellness plan for me, and made accommodations around my personal preferences, for example I don't like fish or seafood, so Maggie found another way for me to get Omega 3s into my diet.

I followed Maggie's plan, and she made adjustments along the way for things that I found too difficult to incorporate, and in time I noticed a reduction in the severity of my symptoms. Every step of the way Maggie kept me well informed and was transparent and communicative about what I could expect. She checked in regularly and was so accommodating about anything I needed, or any questions I had.

Maggie really is incredibly good at what she does, and I would encourage anyone seeking to improve their health to book an appointment with her"

- Sophie

"Maggie is a great listener, empathetic and approachable. I have seen her for both beauty and naturopathy and I would highly recommend her for both.

She has knowledge and expertise and created a plan for me that worked! I love how Maggie’s consultation made me feel heard - there was so much time and space during the session - I felt validated and the plan she made for me was actually do-able! Highly recommend."

- Victoria

"I came to see Maggie at Rainbird after having a few hormonal and digestive issues. I hadn’t been to see a naturopath before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was blown away by my visit.

I was really impressed with how thoroughly Maggie went through all of my health concerns, taking the time to find out how the different bodily processes were working and linking them back to issues I had been experiencing. Even though I was a little nervous to talk about these health issues in such detail, Maggie is super friendly and laid back and she really made me feel relaxed.

After the visit, Maggie emailed me an extremely detailed wellness plan with so many helpful tips and nutritional information. I’ve referred back to this plan many times since our visit while trying to make changes in my lifestyle. She has also been easy to contact over email with any further questions or concerns I have.

If you have any health issues that you are struggling to get to the bottom of, or just feel like you’re getting nowhere with your personal doctor, I highly recommend giving Maggie a go and seeing for yourself how those health issues improve after implementing her professional advice."

- Courtney


Beauty Therapy


"I love coming to visit Maggie to get my brows & lashes done!

The room is so inviting and I almost fall asleep every time, it is such a relaxing atmosphere. Being blonde, my eyebrows disappear pretty quickly if they are not tinted – so it is always a pleasant surprise to see fresh colour and eyebrows & lashes that pop.

I leave feeling like a different person! Thank you so much Maggie – if you are looking for somewhere inviting, friendly and reliable to get any beauty treatments done.

I cannot recommend Rainbird Beauty enough"

- Brogan

"Had an unwind facial this morning. Omg - what a treat, Maggie you are very skilled. My skin and soul feels amazing such a relaxing experience. Highly recommend. If you are looking for some pampering and you time book in"

- Jan

"Amazing friendly service, makes you feel comfortable. Left feeling really relaxed and brows looking good. Thank you"

- Amy

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